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Exam And Result - Addons for WordPress

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Exam And Result add-ons is premium addon for eSchool WP plugin. you can manage all of your academic exam and mark for students. after will be publish class exam result automatically.


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Exam & Result - help you to generate a student's exam result sheet. It's a very easy and useful tool. Just collect exam subject mark data, make it a CSV file and upload to the system then automatically generate a result sheet for your student.

Save your time and load of calculation work by using these tools.

Please read below for more details about eSchool WP exam & result features:

eSchool WP - How to work exam result
eSchool WP - exam

Manage Exam

  • Make a exam with date & year assign
  • One page set-up with ajax function
  • Publish/ Unpublish the exam from here
  • Edit/Delete exam

Exam Mark Distribution

  • Exam subject mark distribution option
  • You can distribution each subject as your wish. like HW, Mark, CW etc
  • Next you need to assign with subject
  • Edit/Delete option
eSchool WP - mark distribution
eSchool WP - Exam mark input Manually

Exam subject mark input - Manually

  • Manage exam subject mark very simple
  • When you select exam, class & year, mark input form will be automatic generate
  • There will be display student name & roll too
  • Then you can put exam mark like image example

Exam subject mark input - CSV File

  • If you don't like manual then you can choose CSV option.
  • All of student in class subject mark can be input here
  • CSV file are supported
eSchool WP - Exam mark input by CSV
eSchool WP - Exam result sheet

Exam result sheet

  • Auto genarete exam result sheet when you input mark
  • All of school information show on header part
  • In header part you can put custom text
  • Student's academic data display with photo
  • Result data auto calculate grade system
  • Student's exam merit posision by class, department and exam
  • Highest mark be show beside total mark
  • Result sheet footer part you can design or put any text
  • Print out option

Result sheet configuration

  • Manage result sheet data enable/disable from here
  • Change logo
  • Result sheet title
  • On/Off grade chart on sheet
  • Studen's Photo enable/disable
  • Highest mark on/off
  • Choose which grade system will be calculate result sheet
  • Manage header/footer text
eSchool WP - result sheet configuration
eSchool WP - tabulation sheet

Exam mark list class wise - Tabulation Sheet

  • All Student's of class exam mark in one page
  • It's help you to find out marit position
  • Display total mark, GPA, Letter Grade

Grade Category

  • Multiple grade system. if you have one more grade system
  • Manage grade category
  • Before make grade you should grade category
  • It's assign with each grade
  • System A (According 100 Mark) Or System B (According 50 Mark) like this
eSchool WP - Grade category
eSchool WP - Grade System

Grade System

  • Grade system is very important parts of result sheet
  • Each grade have Grade Point, Mark Form, Mark to option
  • Also there have Grade Comment option

Assign Mark distribution & Grade System

  • Each distribution need to assign with subject
  • Also can be assign with Grade System
eSchool WP - assign grade system

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